A Third Place

In community building, a “third place” is the social space we inhabit outside of work, school, and home. It creates togetherness and civic fulfillment. Riverside’s cafe and community venue offer West Jackson a third place. Our goods and services will include coffee, ice cream, movie nights, workshops, clinics, and more, depending on the expressed needs and interests of our neighbors. Everything we offer is locally-sourced and accessible to all ages and incomes.

Our Goal

Our vision is to be a multipurpose community space in West Jackson. Our mission: to create local gathering, employment, and education opportunities through community engagement and democratic decision-making.

Riverside is an affordable and inclusive center where students, parents, and neighbors can meet over food and drink, come together for community events, and access after-school enrichment. We are a home away from home, school, and work. A place where everyone is welcome, every day of the week, for as long as they like. Owned and operated by the people it serves, Riverside’s cooperative model feeds its success directly back to its neighborhood. 

Our Cooperative Model

As a worker cooperative and collective, Riverside promotes democratic forms of participation in business and in life by leveling the power imbalance in employer-employee, adult-child, and other traditionally hierarchical relationships. Made up of the populations we serve, all Riverside employees enjoy livable wages and are eligible for member-ownership that includes equitable decision-making power and an allocation of annual profits. In line with this mission, student participants in the after-school program will also access the benefits of membership.