Our menu will include:

Coffee. Mississippi is home to a vibrant coffee culture that Rani will be an active part of. Located in a neighborhood that currently lacks a local coffeehouse, Rani’s coffee will cater to the morning needs of professionals and late-afternoon needs of college students. Rani will proudly serve coffee from the Clarksdale-based Meraki Roasting Company, which hosts an apprenticeship program for youth in the Mississippi Delta to develop skills in the coffee industry. Serving Meraki coffee allows Rani to support local economies and mission-aligned businesses. 

Ice cream. Ice cream culture is an effective means of developing community, especially amongst young people and those living in high-temperature areas. Taking advantage of Mississippi’s naturally hot climate, and pursuing Riverside’s mission to create inclusive spaces for nearby students and their families, Rani will offer delicious house-made ice cream.

Nutritious bites. Rani will offer light, nutritious meals to its customers. Everything served at the coffeehouse will be either grown on site or sourced from Mississippi’s local food systems.

* Our coffeehouse’s name, Rani ki Sweet, means “Sweets for the Queen,” in Telugu. It reflects our belief that all people should be treated like royalty. “Rani” is also the name of Organizing Member Vilas Annavarapu’s mother!