Our Story

The Riverside Collective was founded on principles deeply rooted in cooperative economics, community empowerment, and environmental sustainability. The idea for Riverside emerged from the founders’ experiences and observations of the economic and social disparities in South Jackson. They saw a need for a space that would not only serve as a physical hub for community activities but also embody the principles of shared power, worker ownership, and democratic decision-making.

Building the Foundation

Following its founding, Riverside began to receive grants for youth programming and joined the Tired People’s Campaign, a cohort of minority owned businesses promoting health and wellness across Mississippi.

The journey of the physical space began with sweeping renovations, turning the once-empty building into a vibrant center for community activities. Riverside Collective prioritized sustainability and inclusivity, ensuring that the renovation process itself was a collaborative community effort. This approach not only revitalized a physical space but also sought to build trust and engagement among the residents of South Jackson.

Growth and Expansion: Strengthening Community Ties

As the space took shape, Riverside’s mission attracted a variety of local artists, educators, and activists, each bringing unique contributions to the collective. Partnerships flourished, enriching the programming with arts, education, and direct business opportunities for young entrepreneurs.

There is now ongoing work to establish a community coffeehouse and ice cream operation within the renovated space, aiming to create a vibrant social hub that enhances community engagement. This addition is part of an effort to offer quality amenities that attract and serve the community, while maintaining an environmentally conscious approach by incorporating green spaces and sustainable practices. The initiative emphasizes community feedback and involvement, ensuring that the development aligns with local needs and contributes positively to the area’s social and economic revitalization.

Current Success: Programs Making an Impact

Today, Riverside Collective is growing into a hub of activity and innovation. It hosts a variety of programs that serve diverse groups—from young students learning the ropes of entrepreneurship to older residents enjoying cultural events. The cooperative model ensures that the benefits of these programs directly support the local economy and empower residents by keeping profits within the community.

Sustaining the Vision: Opportunities for Sponsorship

Looking ahead, Riverside is committed to expanding its impact and sustaining its mission. We are actively seeking partners and sponsors who share our vision of a more connected and cooperative community. By supporting Riverside, sponsors will not only contribute to the ongoing success of our programs but also invest in the economic and social revitalization of South Jackson. Your support helps us continue to offer valuable educational workshops, community events, and entrepreneurial opportunities that make a real difference.

Join Us: Be Part of the Story

We invite you to join us in this exciting and meaningful journey. As a sponsor, you’ll be part of a transformative project that not only changes spaces but changes lives. Together, we can continue to build a sustainable, vibrant community in South Jackson, where every member has the opportunity to thrive. For more information on sponsorship opportunities and how you can get involved, please contact us.