• A Community Cooperative

    On its surface, Riverside Collective offers fresh, nourishing foods and an inclusive gathering space in a South Jackson neighborhood that currently offers neither. At a deeper level, it’s an education program, economic engine, and sustainable land retention strategy that centers community control, dignity of labor, and environmental justice. Riverside’s model engenders local ownership and charts a path towards sustainable growth by and for the community. 

    To ensure the Riverside Collective encompasses its surrounding communities, our approach relies on in-person outreach and relationship-building. We practice active involvement with the people we most directly serve. Riverside is a proud member of The Tired People’s Campaign, the Own Your Story Campaign, and works closely with young people in Jackson Public Schools.

    We’re grateful to the support and trust of community partners have placed in us to continue this work.

    Want to get involved? Send us an email at home@riversidecollective.org and sign up for our newsletter.

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